Glass Cutting Tool

Our glass cutting tool mainly incorporates High-Penetration Diamond Scribing Wheel, Integrated Type Diamond Scribing wheel, Micro Penetration Diamond Scribing Wheel, and HSP Diamond Scribing Wheel (external teeth + internal teeth)

The Worldia Glass cutting tool is especially suitable for cutting Substrate glass, TFT-LCD, AMOLED, Touch Panel (such as TV, Smartphone, iPad), glass coated film and printing layer.

Worldia’s glass cutting tools have strong penetration ability which helps to reduce the damage caused to work pieces’ surface. It works to improve the productivity and reduce cost for large-dimension LED screen processors. Besides, with this cutting tool, the problems of particles and chips in high-precision processing will be completely eliminated.

Glass cutting tools are made of a special metal binder and specific diamond or CBN abrasives that are sintered in specified conditions. Worldia glass cutting tools are suitable for precision cutting and slotting of optical components and electronic components, such as optical glass, magnetic materials, fine ceramics, crystal, etc.

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