The PCBN insert is a type of cutting tool made from cubic boron nitride. Featuring the ability to maintain great hardness under high temperature, it is mainly used for machining hardened steel, cast iron and sintered irons. Compared with traditional CBN inserts, the design of Worldia coated CBN inserts has helped gear and bearing manufacturers to increase their tool’s life by 50%-80%, cutting on their costs dramatically.

The Worldia PCD insert is distinguished for high hardness, high compressive strength, large thermal conductivity, and good wear resistance. It operates with high processing accuracy and large efficiency at high speed. For this series, we have newly developed two-edge PCD cutter with chip breaker.

The PCD Reamer is applied in reaming the finishing or semi-finishing holes of work pieces to increase the processing accuracy and improve surface roughness. Such as positioned holed of Cylinder and crank case. It features great hardness and good wear resistance, and shows excellent cutting performance even under 800-1000°C temperatures.

Our glass cutting tool mainly incorporates High-Penetration Diamond Scribing Wheel, Integrated Type Diamond Scribing wheel, Micro Penetration Diamond Scribing Wheel, and HSP Diamond Scribing Wheel (external teeth + internal teeth)

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