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Cubic boron nitride is the second hardest material in the world developed successfully in 1957; the micro-hardness of CBN’s single crystal is HV8000-9000 while the hardness of PCBN is HV2500-5000, so CBN is considerably more abrasion-resistant than tungsten carbide and ceramics. With a high oxidation resistance within 100℃, CBN will not create any chemical reaction with ferrous material in 1200-1300℃. For this reason, CBN is an ideal option when it comes to performing of dry cutting operations on ferrous metals. The applications of CBN cutting tools include: cutting hardened steels, cast irons, sintered irons as well as powder metallurgy components.

Beijing Worldia Diamond Tools Co., Ltd has been in business for over a decade and in that time we have been named a national hi-tech enterprise and developed several product innovations. Worldia focuses upon the R & D, production, sales and service of high precision diamond cutting tools.Our product catalog prime offerings are high-precision PCBN/PCD/CVD cutting tools, diamond scribing wheels and related accessories. The cutting tools we provide have been widely applied in aerospace, automotive, electronic, new energy, and other industries.

Our plant area spans nearly 220,000ft² (20,000m²), and we are currently constructing two new workshops for even greater production capacity and innovation. These new facilities will bring our manufacturing complex total to 3 factories with an area of over 1 million ft², guaranteeing a huge annual production capacity.

To date, Worldia’s staff has grown to 452, 105 of which are stationed in the R&D department. They have contributed greatly to the areas of customer need analysis, production, and new product development.

In our factory, we have AGATHON peripheral grinders, Ewag grinders, Fanuc EDM’s and DMG lasertech machines. These are all 5-axis m achines. For superior quality control, we have introduced advanced inspection equipment from some industry-leading suppliers, like ZOLLER, KEYENCE and HAIMER. Worldia strives for continued innovation and product development and we never stop advancing our products and new technologies. So far, our R&D team has obtained over 80 patents. World class quality requires 2 things: advanced production equipment machines and highly experienced, skilled operators. We are fortunate to have plenty of both at Worldia.


Beijing Worldia Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. is a Chinese diamond cutting tool manufacturer. Some of our premier products include our high precision PCBN/PCD/CVD cutting tools, diamond scribing wheels and related accessories. Worldia cutting tools are used in aerospace, automotive, electronics, new energy, and other high demand operations. With over a decade of experience in this industry we were established in 2006,

Sales Office

Worldia’s sales team is composed of more than 30 highly trained sales experts with an average experience of 3 years.

Mr. Wang is our sales manager. He possesses rich expertise as he has been engaged in the cutting tool industry for several years.


A meeting is held to introduce and analyze product performance.

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